Monday, 5 July 2010

Summer project - ideas, ideas, ideas... (and a problem... heeelp!)

Im sat here listening to "soundscape 3" for my courses set summer project, in which we can do as we wish alongside a peice of music within the boundaries of CGA. On first impression, it has a typically Jungle like feel, or even Caribbean appeal due to its quirky "tin drum" sounding quality. On further listen and allowing my mind to drift off, I can see this music creating some kind of amusing yet cute character which takes on an accidental adventure into the unknown.

I have a slight problem however, I cant seem to download my soundscape to a format which is editable. If anyone has soundscape 3 could they please send it my way?


Friday, 2 July 2010

Composing a static image from previous images using after effects

Here is the same thing yet again but this time using the tools in after effects to acheive a similar result.

The same technique is done so that each layer is piled up on top of one another in order to produce a higher quality image, with better colour tones and shadows which helps further make the model look more realistic and sellable.

In the above image you can see how ive changed the sizes of each of the models layers so you can see each layer is seperate and therefore how I am going about creating the final image.


Compositing a static image from previous blog

Here we have the render layers taken from the previous blog's task and where I have put the images together to create one static composite in Photoshop.


Render layers part 2 of chunk 1

In this section of the tutorial I have been learning how to create the render layers via maya itself.

  • Diffuse layer

  • Specular

  • Shadow

  • Ambient Occlusion

  • Flat colour

Batch rendered into folders:

There are a couple different options on how to make compositions from these layers which I will demonstrate in the next few blog posts.


Thursday, 1 July 2010

Render Layers part 1 of 1st chunk

Heres the first render layers tutorial which provides different techniques to producing renders at a higher quality production than standard.


Spider/Alien under carpet wire deformer task 2

In this tutorial we have been assigned to create what appears to be a spider, or an alien figure, crawling underneath a carpet or rug. This is done by using the wire deformers, which were used in the previous task.

and the final result with textures and lighting: