Friday, 25 June 2010

Wire deformer tutorial

In this tutorial I have learnt how to use the CV curve to create a deformer which in turn can be used to manipulate the geometry of the model.


Thursday, 24 June 2010

3D Camera magic!

One of our stranger tutorials is aimed at making our CG models become visually 3D using a similar effect to what most films are incorporating currently. This has become quite a popular market for film makers within the past few years and really makes CG become more impressive by really bringing the exprience to life.
It is done by seperate cameras taking different views of the model in question, of which both at a slightly different angle so that when viewed the audience see's two slight sides of the subject therefore making its apperance three dimensional.

Get your 3D Glasses out (if you have any) and try it!


Positive and Negative corrective blend shapes

Here is step by step the stages I took to create the corrective blend shape to make the model of the mans face animate smoother around his jaw line for a more realistic appearance.


Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Mirroring Blend Shapes

Here is the mirroring blend shapes tutorial where I basically had to create replicas of the functioning blend shapes associated with the base model.

I then repeated the procedure for the two other faces:


Blend shapes operation order tutorial

Here is the blend shapes operation order tutorial where different facial expressions are used to merge into one peice of geometry so that when animating certain movements become much easier to key.


Thursday, 3 June 2010

Alien abuction cartoon

Ive come across a really good example of a CG Animation about an alien abuction, it implies the cute factor that I may be looking for within my own Animation. I would need to take this aspect for my own, however I need to study what can make characters look intimidating at the same time.

James and the Giant Peach does the whole "appear intimidating thing" really well.

The way the Great Green Grasshopper stands in his grand, tall manner is enough to scare anyone if he was real, even though his intentions are far from inflicting such emotion.


Summer project idea

We have been each given a random peice of music from a playlist to create whatever we wish from the insperation it provides. The music I have been provided with gives me the feeling of amusement, yet somewhat feels as if it would belong in a Tim Burton movie. I have thought about possibly using skeletons, pulling someone into the underworld mockingly in a more fun sense of visual, however this is too similar to that of the film "The Corpse Bride". I instead came up with the notion of an alien abduction, with a James and the Giant Peach style influence, where the Aliens all confide into the abductee and what could of been horrific turns out to be a heart warming adventure. Heres some visual ideas I was playing with:


Making of

Heres a link to my making of for the last project: of.pdf


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Animation - Slime Mold (re posted)

Somewhat better quality and ive had time to fit it into this page neatly!

I feel I have learned a lot from this project, it helped install a sudden realisation to using Maya. I have developed, even if not that evident within this film, a "feel" for the controls, which I spawned ideas after creating this movie of how I could produce something in future. As a result, ive gone back to the drawing board with ideas of how to make much better animations, with character interaction and better detail to intricate details such as lighting and geometry. To do this I am practising Maya at home, experimenting with areas that before I was too unconfident to reach out to without refering to Alans tutorials.

Thanks for watching,

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Life drawing last classes

Here we have the final art from our last classes of life drawing. Its a shame its come to an end as ive fully enjoyed it and its helped to open up my mind to how to use a pencil again, ive become more observant and less nervous in my work. Heres a few pictures from these final classes.