Monday, 25 January 2010

Glowing treasure

Yeah I was kinda naughty again and done my own thing to the set task... but... dont look too bad...

Bump mappin ftw! XD (except my moon is the wrong shape... just noticed that... whoops...)

*correcting in progress*


THERE WE GO!!! mwhaha...


The book... with a funky page thing going on...

Here it is folks!

Heres the first page... then flip it over and WEEEY!!!

Heres the other page! Notice I rendered it using the persp camera so hopefully it'll look a tad different to everyone elses... I even had to create a new plane and hypershade it because the original plane messed up. Never ending story much? I think so...


X Ray Teeth!

Here they are... I was biting my nails trying to make this (lolz!)... but... wasnt too hard!


Blood Vessel tutorial

Well cant say I didnt try...

For some reason I had a lot of trouble with geting the layerd shader to assign correctly. Thus the blood vessels themselfs dont have enough outer glow from the outer blinn as they should have. Kinda disapointed...


Water droplets tutorial

Heres my result from the water droplets tutorial where we had to texture the spheres making the "droplets". Overall a sucessfull result!

New Project!

Okey heres the new project and heres the three random things ive got to make a one minute pre production 2D animation on....

  • A Theatre
  • A Barbell
  • A Baker
This could be fun... especially when in my random hands hehe


Research and concepts (plus final image)

During the digital enviroment project I encountered several different ideas before I decided upon a final image. My final image was trial and error and more to do with doing what I knew rather than pushing it farther. I regret this now as it could have been a good learning curve for me.

Here is a concept peice I made when I originally was going to do a nice landscape, with a picnic style scene showing something awful had happened amongst a peacefull, innocent enviroment. I should have used this to continue my idea farther but instead I chose to move to darker subjects, which I seem to feel more comfortable amongst.

I turned my sinister picnic idea and decided to stay outside with my image, however changing the time of day and adding something else instead of an abandoned picnic to create a feeling of pandemonium. I came up with the concept of a Car storming into the woods. This was my first image.

This is where the Teddy bear and knife was introduced. This scene gives a feeling of madness, theres an air of murder about its appearance, however I felt it was too obvious and not silent enough to be uncanny.


Here is an image of my living room which I used to gain an idea for my maya scene.

Using the same image I created an atmospheric shot similar to the lighting I planned to use in my Maya scene.

I started doing rough sketches to see which perspective of a room would be most intimidating and give the angle I chose to depict its best visual appearance.

I then made a quick rough sketch of a layout for the room, bringing in the teddy bear and knife from the prevous concept scene I had created in photoshop. I wanted to give the feeling of a childs presence that made the image silent but somewhat aqwaurd.

I toyed with the perspective I had chosen, and when I look back on it some of these early concepts were far more disturbing and "uncanny" than my final image. Here you can see the camera angle at its low point looking up, to give the enviroment the feeling of power over the onlooking audience. The Teddy bear in the scene has been stabbed by the knife giving a feeling of unease and the rhetorical question of trying to understand its reason.

Here is a screen print of me working on my Maya scene and positioning the Camera into place.

Here is my final Maya scene. I created the Teddy bear to become an "evil" possesed asset amongst the room, which makes the rest of the room feel somewhat alive and watching over the audience. I had used my woods idea to create the depth to the image outside of the window, with the creepy lighting that my earlier car image depicted to glow the room. Its not a bad image but I think my earlier concepts would have been better if I stuck closer to them.

Take care folks
Mr Kwiss

Monday, 18 January 2010

Santa hat!

I needed to learn fur for a teddy bear thats in my image for this project... so here we have my Santas hat!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Street work

Okey, so I was stuck at this point for weeks due to not having Maya at home, lacking in confidence and over the Christmas holidays being therefore stuck. Should of hurried up and asked for help before hand, was my mistake!

Here I am duplicating my lil street and just trying to get something to show for it.

Setting the Camera to the best position possible keeping the rule of thirds to help the camera swoop over the street.

Here is a render of my current status. I need to space the street out and add the additional features, then set the lighting and I shall be done!


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Silent Hill the movie - its uncanny influence

I was writing my essay when I suddenly thought about another film I could of wrote about, however I don't feel it packs as much in as the film I have chosen. I will however, do a brief review of this film and how it relates to the uncanny...

The film is set in a Sunny part of America where a seemingly happy family live together, however become aware of their adopted daughter Sharon's strange behaviour. She begins to draw sickening, unsightly images which she isnt aware of creating. These pictures in themselves give off some feeling of uncanniness, as we are familiar with children drawing pretty colourfull, peacefull, playfull scribbles. The pictures that Sharon creates speak of “Silent Hill”, a haunted town which is cautioned off due to its unstable condition. Rose, Sharon's adoptive Mother decides to travel to Silent Hill out of curiosity to her daughters behaviour, where they encounter a Police officer who becomes suspicious of the pairs travels. They are chased all the way to Silent Hill where they have a crash and as we come to understand “die” then become part of a reality in the balance of life and death unable to cross over to paradise.

From here on the uncanny vibe expands as we come to find the landscape has changed, the atmosphere has grown dark and it seems to snow ash in what should be a nice summers day. To further the feeling of uncomfortable realisation, Rose realises she is on her own. Sharon has run off somewhere so Rose decides to walk into the deserted town of Silent Hill to find her daughter. The town itself is bare of life, somewhat shimmering with anticipation for the unknown, you find yourself wanting answers yet running away at the same time. On occasion Rose would catch a glimpse of her daughter running in the distance which under the circumstances provokes a feeling of playful evilness.

This playfullness which shows the sinister side to innocence is something which I bear close to my project, as its one of the darkest of visual prompts in my opinion to shock and disturb an onlooker. Things that are so bright and beautifull yet as sharp as a razorblade and able to harm cause the most distress.

The film furthers on with this situation as the main plot of the story, to find Rose's daughter Sharon. We soon come to realise there is something very wrong with the town of Silent Hill as we encounter beings of a human build which bear some demonic form – twisted, deformed, mutated and burned.

Each of these characters portray a different play on the human form which purposefully makes the audience feel uncomfortable about their anatomy. The familiar form of what most of us possess is strangled into a hideous beast, appearing lifeless and desperate, making way for excruciating unease.

On the other side of the fence, the story jumps back into reality where Rose's Husband Christopher goes on a search with the Police to Silent Hill to find his Wife and Daughter. The fact that he knows they should be there, or he feels their presence captivates a surreal element to the film. The location is bright and far more cheerful, however with what we know this calmed abandoned town makes the audience feel cold.

Rose encounters a lady named Dahlia Gillespie, who tells of how she has also lost her Daughter Alessa by the wrong doing of the townspeople. We later come to find Alessa was held hostage by the townspeople as they believed she was a curse to Silent Hill, which is where an evil force took over her and helped her take out her anger in revenge. Dahlia is convinced that Sharon is her daughter, Alessa, by a photograph that Rose shows her. The interesting twist is that Sharon is an adopted child, so could be some relation to the evil that lurks in Silent Hill.

Rose discovers the Policewoman named Cybal who was involved in the crash who becomes her friend in a desperate attempt to find Sharon and leave. They come to find that they cant escape Silent Hill as the road ends and drops into a neverending cliff. Later in the movie they come across a group which is a small group of people who take salvation in the church to keep away from the evil outside. Blinded by preaches from their leader Christabella, the people are no more than scurrying rats afraid of their own shadow. The control this lady has over them is uncanny to the story, as they are controlled outside just as they are inside safety. It is also somewhat uncanny due to how these are the only people Rose and Cybal have come across yet they bear an air of unease and appear unstable.

Later in the film we discover how these people try to kill Rose and Cybal in learning of their quest, thinking too that Sharon is the evil that plauges their town. There are scenes where the zombie like monsters create moments of intense displeasure, also dipping into the uncanny valley due to their CG nature. There is nothing within them that is living but it appears to be the familiar humanoid shape. This is especially the case in the scene where Rose encounters Alessa with a deformed nurse. Again this is based on the uncanny effect of how you would expect a nurse to be of good health to be able to treat you yet if they appear dead, your life is suddenly in danger with no one of medical knowledge.

After helping Alessa destroy the church, people and their leader, Rose finds Sharon and is free to leave Silent Hill. It is at the end of the film however where we experience the most uncanny of all, the enviroments which we became familiar with at the start of the film are deserted. Everything has an eerie mist to it and doesn't feel right. It is then when Rose realises she has not escaped and that she is trapped within two worlds. We see the scene cutt over to the same room that they are in where Christopher is sitting. They are unable to see each other, yet know they should be there. How very uncanny!

Take care folks

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Its 00:48 at night... im siting in the dark watching ghost films...

Indeed! Mad you may think, however it struck me that we can easily experience the uneasy effect that this project lures around by turning out the lights and watching some ghost footage on youtube!

I came across a video when doing research for my essay on first person horror flicks about a guy doing a ghost hunt in a house, where the ghost of a little girl keeps appearing within the footage. The fact that this girl should be an innocent, sweet child yet she provokes deep, frightfull fear shows the existance of how life and death is an open book within the uncanny valley.

Even though these videos are obviously fake they show distinct signs of how a child can be used to prevail evil from innocence. Notice how in the second video, a doll appears from the "time capsule" that the camera man has uncovered. This doll inflicts fear, as you wonder of its owner, your feeling anticipation so you dont know what its going to do or whats coming next. After looking at these I decided to look for more videos but of a more real nature.

I used to love this programme when younger, yet I had no reason to use it until now! Worlds Scariest Ghosts caught on Bravo channel shows how a young Child named Justin sees Ghosts just like in the Sixth Sense movie. This is chilling, as now it is the Child who isnt to be feared, but his claims of seeing spirits as if "normal" disturb the audience. Also the way he announces "they like to play". Chilling stuff.

Heres another video which will disturb, the child brushing her hair whilst looking at herself in the mirror. Mirrors can be somewhat unsettling as they can compose the question of "is it me staring back in the Mirror". This short film even if fake is really shocking and shows the impact that fear of the familiar is something we cant escape from.

Sleep well folks,

A word on Blue velvet...

What is there to say other than this is a disgustingly brutal, emotional tongue twister of a story that indulges in some of the darker aspects of the human psyche. It takes on many roles within its indecent script, from love stories to thriller, from a teen movie to a gangster movie.

You will leave this film just as confused as when you sat down to watch it, as it throws you around so much and takes you on highs and lows throughout. This isn’t by far one of my favourite films ever and even though I tried I wasn’t very touched by it at all.

My favourite film to of played with my emotions that we have watched so far during this unit has to be Edward Scissorhands (hands down! Lol!).

Take care folks

Ideas for uncanny enviroments

To complete this unit I will need to show a digital environment which deals in the subject of the uncanny. I have picked out several different environments which personally affect my perception of what feels “right” and sustains an uncomfortable presence.
I have come to notice many people seem to find the subject of the Child to produce the highest levels of an uncanny experience. This is probably due to how Children are perceived as innocent and sweet, so if something corrupts that impulsive view we feel uncomfortable. As a result, I am more than likely to choose this subject to incorporate within my environment to emit the uncanny vibe.

A few of the environments most likely to be associated with a Child would be:

• Playground

• Bedroom

• Playroom

• School

• If I was to say Graveyard, that’d make you uncomfortable…

The uncanny experience can be gathered in many different ways, on many different levels found within the Uncanny Valley. When two subjects which seem opposite (innocence and death for example) are merged together the emotional response is to usually become overwhelmed by a sudden uncomfortable fear felt within. You can feel cold for a second or unable to comprehend the situation.

Other subjects of which can play around with environments to create an uncomfortable, displeasing feeling would be:

• Clowns/Circus

• Pets

• Electrical Appliances

• Weather

• Open space/fields/flowers

All of these subjects can be twisted into sources which can deliver an uncomfortable effect. For example, the Clown is suppost to represent joy and laughter, so the thought of a Clown with a knife and you’re the only other being present stuck in a deserted big top away from access to other civilisation is distressing.

The subject of Pets being uncanny comes from the fact we place our trust in an Animal that we feel loyal to, that it feels like our own child, yet we forget it could turn on us and cause harm easily if it wanted to.

Electrical appliances are made by humans; they do what we want them to. They carry out jobs which we take for granted and if the machines could turn on us we wouldn’t be able to survive or live in the world we know. Things would become simple again; man would become less of what he is once he looses his ego in his own achievements. What if the machines could come to life and turn on us in our own home? It’s these thoughts which cause unease.

Weather is another interesting subject because even though we live with it everyday we anticipate what effects it could really have. In some countries the weather always plays a role which makes life harder to adapt to, so the countries which hardly ever experience certain aspects of the weather feel more threatened by alien conditions. Such is that the weather has the power to destroy our life thus forth we can feel uncomfortable towards such possibilities.

Open spaces feel lonely; someone can become lonely and panic easily in such an environment. Therefore an environment which is subdued in beauty such as a field can suddenly become quite sinister with the feeling of being watched lurking in the back of your mind.

From this small bit of thought ive come to the conclusion I need to make environments which appear like they should be friendly yet contain a single element which spawns horror and confusion. This shall as a result delve the image into the uncanny experience. If I succeed with whatever I make then it will only be a success if I get such a reaction.

Take care folks
Mr Kwiss


Halloween is an intense, violent slasher movie that was made in 1978 and directed by John Carpenter. The importance of this film is strong, as from this came the inspiration for many slasher movies to come. Most other movies within the horror genre after this film was produced take elements of the suspension building, storyline and visual appearance within.

The storyline is based on a typical American suburbia, however encapsulates a feeling of unease within its perfections. The grass is green and mowed evenly, the houses are clean and tidy, and people are smiling and content: the chaos provoked within this film is within the feeling of order. On a cold Halloween night in 1963, set in Haddonfield, Illinois where the Myers family live happily together, the bond is broke when the youngest member of the family Michael kills his Sister Judith. Michael was held in a mental institute and labelled as one of the most dangerous evil men alive by his Doctor and therapist, Dr Sam Loomis.

Michael has escaped, and returns to the heart of his crime and family, Haddonfield. Myers decides to stalk Laurie Strode and some of her friends. It becomes more disturbing as Laurie begins to notice signs Michael appearing around the neighbourhood with sightings of a man in a white mask. Later that day, Laurie meets up with her friend Annie whom is baby sitting across the road from where Laurie herself is babysitting. Annie arranges to pick up her boyfriend and sends Lindsey (the child she is babysitting) to stay with Laurie. As Annie gets into the Car, Myers appears out of the backseat of the Car and strangles Annie then relentlessly cuts her throat. More instances of people close to Laurie being killed off in a similar fashion happen throughout the movie until she is the next victim on Myers list.

The film comes to a close when it comes down to Laurie verses Myers, where Myers is “killed” until he keeps seemingly coming back to life, relentlessly not giving in until his target is killed. The Doctor comes to Laurie’s safety and shoots Myers, who falls through a window. By this point we believe all is safe again in Haddonfield, yet the last scene is set where Myers body vanishes meaning he must still be alive.

An intense, thrilling film, feeling original and showing most of the tricks in the book that are still used to this day.

I give this an 8 out of 10… could have been a little bit scarier!

Take care folks

Uncanny effects found within Art - what makes it so powerfull?

In this Unit we are discussing and creating pieces of Art based on the subject of the uncanny, the things which attract us that also repel us, the things which disturb us with that cold shudder and a desire to turn away when you cant, that feeling when you know something isnt quite right. Art does this particularly well by being able to make you feel watched, enchanted by beauty yet effected by one single thing out of place: the paradox of our comfort in reality.

When you look at a Portrait of a person, a really detailed painting or a photograph, the eyes give off a feel for the soul of what your peering into. The picture becomes less of a painting or photograph and becomes more of a communication between two souls. Yet the thing which makes this uncanny is, the picture has no soul. Thus gives me the thought of are we staring into ourselfs? A dead reflection with no praise, a look into anothers eyes which could speak a thousand words even though there is nothing beyond them than mere paper. You'll find the uncomfortable feeling you gather is actually the feeling of realising there is nothing there, and your alone within yourself, an illusion of comfort bent into a more sinister emotion.

An example of Art which displays an uncanny feel would be that which I have found on a website called
Here you can find many pieces of directly disturbing Art, which can be considered uncanny.

Here are a few of the images from this website which I feel provoke the uncanny effect.

Sometimes the uncanny effect is best found in a situation where there is no living things present, yet the abandoned environment left over gives off an eerie implication of something present or that has happened or could happen.

Many horror films use this idea to build tension and suspense, such as Steven King classics IT, The Shining, Christine and Children of the corn to name a few.

Take care folks


Whilst this film is not based around the obvious nature of the uncanny experience it definantly uses elements of which to create some of the powerfull scenes that it possesses. The use of furniture, toys which could be alive or evil, a child being the only person in the house to sense a presence, the use of television sets turning on at their own accord to white noise – these are to name a few of the things which steps into the uncanny valley within this movie.

Once again this film like many others we have watched in our lectures emits the scene of a perfect suburban landscape set in a conformist ridden stereotypical America. We can see that there's a strong neighbourly feel within the setting of Poltergeist, as we see them coming together to watch football, arguing over typical Petit matters like in real life, yet confiding in them when they need comfort and support.

These people do not know what is beneath their feet, as the houses are built on an old cemetery which disturbs the deceased who wish to go onto the light. The little girl from the family, Carol Anne is a strong source of life energy which attracts spirits to her who are trying to find salvation from the light, yet they are misguided and think she is the light. The spirits are confused and shown the way by an evil source of energy, otherwise known as the beast, who also appears as a friend to Carol Anne and thus lures her into its hostile trap.

Through the hard work of some mediumship they manage to regain Carol Anne and bring the house back to peace, this doesn't stop the beast from returning again however. The last time we see the beast he tears up the coffins and bodies of the dead from the cemetery below, the spirits gush around the family and chaos reigns over the street. The Family get away as the house implodes on itself and is sucked into the light infront of a bewildered neighbourhood.

An interesting point to make is this film is held as one of the top 20 scariest films of all time, with some of the best effects of its era which are still somewhat undated to this day. There are rumours that this film was so dark and intrusive to the afterlife that it cursed some of the actors who took part in the Poltergeist films, who died shortly after the films were made. This includes the girl who plays Carol Anne, who died at the age of 12.

An interesting film, scarier at moments depending on how you look at it. Good use of character building and special effects plus brilliant acting from the cast.

Take care folks

Finally me blog works! =D and Stepford Wives film review

This film is set in a small suburb of America where life seems peaceful and content. However, there is something slightly wrong with the atmosphere of the setting. Unease drifts across the main characters of the film. Joanna Eberhart moves to the small town of Stepford with ehr family, where sooner than later she starts to realize things arnt what they seem. The conditions for family life are so perfect and socially steriotypical that it brings an eerie warmth to newcomers, unable to see the wrath of their surroundings before its too late.

As the film progresses we find that Joanna begins to notice this trend for perfection amongst Stepford, that the women in particular all dress in a certain untrendy fashion, going about their day to day lives as if programmed to be the ideal Wife. In a sense the Women are all "one" and their title of Wife bears the sexist viewed jobs they are expected to perform which is their burden. The Men of Stepford however, seem very collective, they go to work, socialise together and allow the Women to dot he domestic work.

The Men of Stepford, including Joanna's Husband all attend a local Men's club, which begins to take over the Eberhart family's regular day to day atmosphere. A dark cloud of confusion surrounds Joanna as she notices the differences in the Women's behaviour and the Men's strange attitudes. The pretty landscape of Stepford suddenly becomes sinister and hostile, difficult to escape from and very uncanny.

Joanna decides to combat this sexist approach to life in Stepford by arranging a club of her own for the Women to attend. Its not long before she realises her freinds who attend her club all start conforming to her fears about the Women of Stepford. In the end Joanna is the last female standing, she comes to discover her freind Bobbie has been turned and isnt Human at all. It isnt even Bobbie staring back at her, it was something more sinister, somewhat synthetic and made to perfection. Bobbie had been made into an Android version of herself, which presumably is what had happened to all the other females in Stepford. This made immediate sense to Joanna that the Men must be behind it and so in a desperate flea to escape she went to gather her children and leave. Joanna comes to find that the Men are using her children as bait and they have been taken so she decides to go to the club where the Men hold their meetings. It is here where she meets her end and android Doppleganger.

The film closes with a supermarket scene where all the Women form Stepford stand out and wear similar attire, have the same expressions and ddress each other in the same manner. You can tell these are all uncanny copies of the wives who once lived in the pretty little town of Stepford. Then Joanna steps out exactly the same as them, unfortunately this goes to proove she never escaped the evil that lurked within the small area that she lived amongst...