Monday, 25 January 2010

Research and concepts (plus final image)

During the digital enviroment project I encountered several different ideas before I decided upon a final image. My final image was trial and error and more to do with doing what I knew rather than pushing it farther. I regret this now as it could have been a good learning curve for me.

Here is a concept peice I made when I originally was going to do a nice landscape, with a picnic style scene showing something awful had happened amongst a peacefull, innocent enviroment. I should have used this to continue my idea farther but instead I chose to move to darker subjects, which I seem to feel more comfortable amongst.

I turned my sinister picnic idea and decided to stay outside with my image, however changing the time of day and adding something else instead of an abandoned picnic to create a feeling of pandemonium. I came up with the concept of a Car storming into the woods. This was my first image.

This is where the Teddy bear and knife was introduced. This scene gives a feeling of madness, theres an air of murder about its appearance, however I felt it was too obvious and not silent enough to be uncanny.


Here is an image of my living room which I used to gain an idea for my maya scene.

Using the same image I created an atmospheric shot similar to the lighting I planned to use in my Maya scene.

I started doing rough sketches to see which perspective of a room would be most intimidating and give the angle I chose to depict its best visual appearance.

I then made a quick rough sketch of a layout for the room, bringing in the teddy bear and knife from the prevous concept scene I had created in photoshop. I wanted to give the feeling of a childs presence that made the image silent but somewhat aqwaurd.

I toyed with the perspective I had chosen, and when I look back on it some of these early concepts were far more disturbing and "uncanny" than my final image. Here you can see the camera angle at its low point looking up, to give the enviroment the feeling of power over the onlooking audience. The Teddy bear in the scene has been stabbed by the knife giving a feeling of unease and the rhetorical question of trying to understand its reason.

Here is a screen print of me working on my Maya scene and positioning the Camera into place.

Here is my final Maya scene. I created the Teddy bear to become an "evil" possesed asset amongst the room, which makes the rest of the room feel somewhat alive and watching over the audience. I had used my woods idea to create the depth to the image outside of the window, with the creepy lighting that my earlier car image depicted to glow the room. Its not a bad image but I think my earlier concepts would have been better if I stuck closer to them.

Take care folks
Mr Kwiss

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