Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Its 00:48 at night... im siting in the dark watching ghost films...

Indeed! Mad you may think, however it struck me that we can easily experience the uneasy effect that this project lures around by turning out the lights and watching some ghost footage on youtube!

I came across a video when doing research for my essay on first person horror flicks about a guy doing a ghost hunt in a house, where the ghost of a little girl keeps appearing within the footage. The fact that this girl should be an innocent, sweet child yet she provokes deep, frightfull fear shows the existance of how life and death is an open book within the uncanny valley.

Even though these videos are obviously fake they show distinct signs of how a child can be used to prevail evil from innocence. Notice how in the second video, a doll appears from the "time capsule" that the camera man has uncovered. This doll inflicts fear, as you wonder of its owner, your feeling anticipation so you dont know what its going to do or whats coming next. After looking at these I decided to look for more videos but of a more real nature.

I used to love this programme when younger, yet I had no reason to use it until now! Worlds Scariest Ghosts caught on Bravo channel shows how a young Child named Justin sees Ghosts just like in the Sixth Sense movie. This is chilling, as now it is the Child who isnt to be feared, but his claims of seeing spirits as if "normal" disturb the audience. Also the way he announces "they like to play". Chilling stuff.

Heres another video which will disturb, the child brushing her hair whilst looking at herself in the mirror. Mirrors can be somewhat unsettling as they can compose the question of "is it me staring back in the Mirror". This short film even if fake is really shocking and shows the impact that fear of the familiar is something we cant escape from.

Sleep well folks,

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