Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Uncanny effects found within Art - what makes it so powerfull?

In this Unit we are discussing and creating pieces of Art based on the subject of the uncanny, the things which attract us that also repel us, the things which disturb us with that cold shudder and a desire to turn away when you cant, that feeling when you know something isnt quite right. Art does this particularly well by being able to make you feel watched, enchanted by beauty yet effected by one single thing out of place: the paradox of our comfort in reality.

When you look at a Portrait of a person, a really detailed painting or a photograph, the eyes give off a feel for the soul of what your peering into. The picture becomes less of a painting or photograph and becomes more of a communication between two souls. Yet the thing which makes this uncanny is, the picture has no soul. Thus gives me the thought of are we staring into ourselfs? A dead reflection with no praise, a look into anothers eyes which could speak a thousand words even though there is nothing beyond them than mere paper. You'll find the uncomfortable feeling you gather is actually the feeling of realising there is nothing there, and your alone within yourself, an illusion of comfort bent into a more sinister emotion.

An example of Art which displays an uncanny feel would be that which I have found on a website called http://www.ebaumsworld.com/pictures/view/719914/
Here you can find many pieces of directly disturbing Art, which can be considered uncanny.

Here are a few of the images from this website which I feel provoke the uncanny effect.

Sometimes the uncanny effect is best found in a situation where there is no living things present, yet the abandoned environment left over gives off an eerie implication of something present or that has happened or could happen.

Many horror films use this idea to build tension and suspense, such as Steven King classics IT, The Shining, Christine and Children of the corn to name a few.

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