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Whilst this film is not based around the obvious nature of the uncanny experience it definantly uses elements of which to create some of the powerfull scenes that it possesses. The use of furniture, toys which could be alive or evil, a child being the only person in the house to sense a presence, the use of television sets turning on at their own accord to white noise – these are to name a few of the things which steps into the uncanny valley within this movie.

Once again this film like many others we have watched in our lectures emits the scene of a perfect suburban landscape set in a conformist ridden stereotypical America. We can see that there's a strong neighbourly feel within the setting of Poltergeist, as we see them coming together to watch football, arguing over typical Petit matters like in real life, yet confiding in them when they need comfort and support.

These people do not know what is beneath their feet, as the houses are built on an old cemetery which disturbs the deceased who wish to go onto the light. The little girl from the family, Carol Anne is a strong source of life energy which attracts spirits to her who are trying to find salvation from the light, yet they are misguided and think she is the light. The spirits are confused and shown the way by an evil source of energy, otherwise known as the beast, who also appears as a friend to Carol Anne and thus lures her into its hostile trap.

Through the hard work of some mediumship they manage to regain Carol Anne and bring the house back to peace, this doesn't stop the beast from returning again however. The last time we see the beast he tears up the coffins and bodies of the dead from the cemetery below, the spirits gush around the family and chaos reigns over the street. The Family get away as the house implodes on itself and is sucked into the light infront of a bewildered neighbourhood.

An interesting point to make is this film is held as one of the top 20 scariest films of all time, with some of the best effects of its era which are still somewhat undated to this day. There are rumours that this film was so dark and intrusive to the afterlife that it cursed some of the actors who took part in the Poltergeist films, who died shortly after the films were made. This includes the girl who plays Carol Anne, who died at the age of 12.

An interesting film, scarier at moments depending on how you look at it. Good use of character building and special effects plus brilliant acting from the cast.

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