Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Halloween is an intense, violent slasher movie that was made in 1978 and directed by John Carpenter. The importance of this film is strong, as from this came the inspiration for many slasher movies to come. Most other movies within the horror genre after this film was produced take elements of the suspension building, storyline and visual appearance within.

The storyline is based on a typical American suburbia, however encapsulates a feeling of unease within its perfections. The grass is green and mowed evenly, the houses are clean and tidy, and people are smiling and content: the chaos provoked within this film is within the feeling of order. On a cold Halloween night in 1963, set in Haddonfield, Illinois where the Myers family live happily together, the bond is broke when the youngest member of the family Michael kills his Sister Judith. Michael was held in a mental institute and labelled as one of the most dangerous evil men alive by his Doctor and therapist, Dr Sam Loomis.

Michael has escaped, and returns to the heart of his crime and family, Haddonfield. Myers decides to stalk Laurie Strode and some of her friends. It becomes more disturbing as Laurie begins to notice signs Michael appearing around the neighbourhood with sightings of a man in a white mask. Later that day, Laurie meets up with her friend Annie whom is baby sitting across the road from where Laurie herself is babysitting. Annie arranges to pick up her boyfriend and sends Lindsey (the child she is babysitting) to stay with Laurie. As Annie gets into the Car, Myers appears out of the backseat of the Car and strangles Annie then relentlessly cuts her throat. More instances of people close to Laurie being killed off in a similar fashion happen throughout the movie until she is the next victim on Myers list.

The film comes to a close when it comes down to Laurie verses Myers, where Myers is “killed” until he keeps seemingly coming back to life, relentlessly not giving in until his target is killed. The Doctor comes to Laurie’s safety and shoots Myers, who falls through a window. By this point we believe all is safe again in Haddonfield, yet the last scene is set where Myers body vanishes meaning he must still be alive.

An intense, thrilling film, feeling original and showing most of the tricks in the book that are still used to this day.

I give this an 8 out of 10… could have been a little bit scarier!

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  1. you appear to be using images from the remake, Chris? :-(