Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Finally me blog works! =D and Stepford Wives film review

This film is set in a small suburb of America where life seems peaceful and content. However, there is something slightly wrong with the atmosphere of the setting. Unease drifts across the main characters of the film. Joanna Eberhart moves to the small town of Stepford with ehr family, where sooner than later she starts to realize things arnt what they seem. The conditions for family life are so perfect and socially steriotypical that it brings an eerie warmth to newcomers, unable to see the wrath of their surroundings before its too late.

As the film progresses we find that Joanna begins to notice this trend for perfection amongst Stepford, that the women in particular all dress in a certain untrendy fashion, going about their day to day lives as if programmed to be the ideal Wife. In a sense the Women are all "one" and their title of Wife bears the sexist viewed jobs they are expected to perform which is their burden. The Men of Stepford however, seem very collective, they go to work, socialise together and allow the Women to dot he domestic work.

The Men of Stepford, including Joanna's Husband all attend a local Men's club, which begins to take over the Eberhart family's regular day to day atmosphere. A dark cloud of confusion surrounds Joanna as she notices the differences in the Women's behaviour and the Men's strange attitudes. The pretty landscape of Stepford suddenly becomes sinister and hostile, difficult to escape from and very uncanny.

Joanna decides to combat this sexist approach to life in Stepford by arranging a club of her own for the Women to attend. Its not long before she realises her freinds who attend her club all start conforming to her fears about the Women of Stepford. In the end Joanna is the last female standing, she comes to discover her freind Bobbie has been turned and isnt Human at all. It isnt even Bobbie staring back at her, it was something more sinister, somewhat synthetic and made to perfection. Bobbie had been made into an Android version of herself, which presumably is what had happened to all the other females in Stepford. This made immediate sense to Joanna that the Men must be behind it and so in a desperate flea to escape she went to gather her children and leave. Joanna comes to find that the Men are using her children as bait and they have been taken so she decides to go to the club where the Men hold their meetings. It is here where she meets her end and android Doppleganger.

The film closes with a supermarket scene where all the Women form Stepford stand out and wear similar attire, have the same expressions and ddress each other in the same manner. You can tell these are all uncanny copies of the wives who once lived in the pretty little town of Stepford. Then Joanna steps out exactly the same as them, unfortunately this goes to proove she never escaped the evil that lurked within the small area that she lived amongst...

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