Thursday, 25 November 2010

Character profiles

In the land of my fictional cartoon "Viking Superheroes" I have three main characters, the hero, the villain and the sidekick. Each of these have individual personalities and therefore will need to express such characteristics to make their performance credible. To know how each character will perform in certain situations, its best to have a detailed understanding into the spectrum of their lives. Here are insights into the aforementioned characters.

    * Billy

Billy is a small, slightly plump 12 year old boy who spends his time with his nose stuck in History books to keep away from bullies. He would dash around in attempts to dodge the thuggish bullies that pull classroom pranks on him on a daily basis. The library is his sanctuary where Billy hides away from being picked on, as the kind Librarian keeps an eye on him, handing him books to help build his knowledge and keep him out of trouble. The egotistical bullies dare to go wandering in the library in fear that they will look weak and nerdy to their freinds, therefore Billy is completely safe. Then comes the dreaded lesson - Physical Education. Coming away from the comforts of his own classroom he is thrown in the deep end, being laughed at and picked on due to his confidence and lack of physical stature. People would trip him up during football, make him run as they chased after him, throw balls at him and use him as a goal. Then one day Billy runs out of history books he can take out at the Library - a moment of sadness drifts across his face as the Library is now nothing more than refuge with nothing to gain. The silence is broken by a shuffle on the shelf as a book slips and hangs half in the air. Out of curiousity, Billy approaches the book to see what made it fall away from the shelf, with intention to put it back in place. It is this moment that changes his school life forever, the book is one Billy hasnt read before and his about his favourite subject - the Vikings. When opening this book Billy is immersed to a world of mythical characters from the ancient Viking era. Here he meets his sidekick Thor, who introduces Billy to the reason of his presence. Thor explains how the book chooses a wise warrior to conquer the evil lord Hel, giving the reader the power of a Viking demi God, thus the battle begins to protect Billys beloved school and its Library. These new found powers help initialise a new confidence in his School life and suddenly hes top in P.E class, much to his classmates suprise.

    *   Loki

Loki is mischevious villain character from the Viking underworld, who wishes to persue his mischevious acts amongst the school. Using his powers of shape shifting, he can get himself into the minds of the victims he pranks. He senses the school as a brilliant place to lurk, the children all so chaotic themselfs that it is perfect for his presence to linguer. Therefore he plans to dominate the school and its inhabitants, with the intention that the children will turn into his personal slave race so that he can start world domination and spread the underworld to new levels. In Norse Mythology, Loki sometimes assists the gods and sometimes causes problems for them. Loki is a shape shifter and in separate incidents he appears in the form of a salmon, mare, seal, a fly, and possibly an elderly woman. 

    * Thor

Thor is the sidekick to Billy, giving him wisdom and confidence to fight against the evil powers of Loki. Thor, unlike his steriotypical nature for being unstable and angry, is actually a kind and somewhat clumsy warrior. This being said however, he will stand strong in a fight and beleive in what is right - he wont allow anyone to stand in his way if he has anything to do with it! Thor glows with the lightening energy that comes with his personality and Godly "magical" abilities. In Norse Mythology, Thor is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, destruction, fertility, healing, and the protection of mankind.


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