Monday, 31 January 2011

Transcription project ideas

1) Little Red Riding Hood

There will be a strange twist put on this classic tale, where the story is based on an introverted character that lives by himself within a deep, dark wood. He plays games with himself, talks to himself, almost becomes his own family – accepting his own isolation. He encounters a female who knocks on his door, to which out of his own curiosity and dumbfounded delight he welcomes her inside his crumbling shack of a house. The tale twists as the small man tries to be a good host, yet can’t decide whether he wants to love the girl or eat her. His snide plan turns on himself as the girl – who turns out to swish her wolfs tail before the animation closes - lures her way into killing and eating the man herself.

2) The end of the world – Nibiru

An emotional animated short about the end of the world as a result of the Nibiru theory. This is when a large planet sized object collides with Earth and some believe the Aliens of the said planet attempt to save the human race. This would show the destruction of the Earth with Aliens watching on as they attempt to save some of the human race.

3) Music video

To create my own music video for a self created piece. This would be accomplished with a mixture of real life footage and CG to help tell the tale of the music behind the video.

Cant wait to get started on this!


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  1. Hey Chris.

    Okay - you've got 10 weeks - and a very patchy record when it comes to CG and a deficit of experience. I'm not interested in running you down or telling you stuff you already know, but I am interested in you being completely honest with yourself about your abilities and project management skills before deciding on elaborate pipe-dream projects. You need to think about what you can realistically achieve - and think too about what kind of project this is going to be - environment or character or other. It most certainly SHOULDN'T be a combination of both, because you won't manage the workload. It is far better to choose a specialised area for this and allow it to build your confidences - both creatively and technically.