Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Inspiring music for transcription project

I have decided to go with the theme of "The Little Red Riding Hood", however have my own personal twist on the tale to tell a different story which fits as a reflection of the original fairy tale approach. When observing the tale of The Little Red Riding Hood, I have noticed how it is full of dark notions, which if used in a less childish manner are highly chilling. The thought of a little girl being stalked is enough to turn most peoples noses, yet it is told to children all over the world without hesitance. Alongside this is the fact that the stalker is a beast, a wolf who can apparently speak to the little girl. This therefore brings the comparison in about Werewolf's and other such evil creatures associated with darker folklore. To heighten this story further, there is brutality as we become aware that the little girls Grandmother is "eaten" by the Wolf. If this was flipped as a Werewolf story, could it be a possibility that the Wolf was actually the child's Grandmother herself? It is clear that this tale is full of dark, disturbing qualities to play with.

The music I will want to work with must induce fear into the audience, with the purpose to provide an atmosphere that builds suspense and in some respects creates nausea. It would be of the following style:



Even taking influence from film scores such as Silent Hill - an eerie dark tale about isolation and fear.


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