Thursday, 10 February 2011

Idea for Little Tortilla Boy Animation

Little Tortilla Boy

In the city you must fight to survive,

*view of city over head*

he sold tortillas on the corner.

*short scene of the character Arnold selling tortillas on a street corner*

And the mob wanted in.

*we see police car lights fly past the screen/with sirens wailing - Arnolds facial expression in shock*

"I dont know who this guy is, but I want his tortillas." - *darkened sillohette shadow characters in an alley, acting as if they are planning a crime*

He had one chance (character lifts up one finger to the screen) and his chance was to fight back (character power grabs with super hero like determination in his face)

Arnold Schwarzenegger (character) standing and explaining to the audience "listen to me, these are my tortillas, im not going to give them up here. You have to get out of here. *shakes the camera and pushes away as explosion occurs behind arnold* They're trying to kill you, get out of here!"

*cuts to black, then fades up in "bullet speed" style animation of Arnold running, bullets flying through the air around him, whilst trying to save his tortillas*

Double the action, *shows split screen of arnold - both eating tortillas* triple the excitement. *cutts to a third still of three way split of arnold eating tortillas - The later one looking exhausted and struggling to eat the last tortilla *

"Get down!"

*arnold goes green - throws up tortilla*

More the excitement. "Get Down again!"

*still throwing up more tortilla*

They didn't know who he was. *cutts to scene of a confused character* "Who are those men who came here? What do they want?"

*violently shaking Korina*

"Listen to me Korina, you have to get out of here. *cutts to image of an exit sign* They're trying to take my tortillas!" *cutts to showing siolhette criminals behind arnold and korina*

*slows back to bullet speed - close ups of Arnold eating tortillas*

One man, one solution! *cutts breifly back to original still of arnold holding one finger up*

Arnold Schwarzenegger, this summer is *repeats clip of arnold running in bullet speed*

*clip changes to arnold in the "films" title, with him painted in as the super hero "Little Tortilla Boy"

Little Tortilla Boy! ChaCha on!

*end animation*

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