Thursday, 3 February 2011

Transcription project - Innocent characters corrupted

Its easy to laugh at the following well-known children's television characters when you think about them being regular adults, or just being less aware that they have to behave for children's eyes.

  • Winnie the Pooh

I mean, come on - LOL. Its in his name already. But can you imagine Mr Pooh popping down to his local pub for a pint? Imagine his voice dropping from the countertenor-like squeal were all familiar with to a bassy, manly tone. Wouldn't that be a sight. Further more, whats Tiger and Piglet looking at in this picture, and why so - "cuddly"...

  • Sooty and Sweep

This is simple. "Matthew, please get your hand out of my bum - were in public, theres Police - and no kids about to watch."

  • Wheres Wally

That's right. The creepy man who always wants kids to find him. Don't trust that jumper.

  • Rugrats

When young children are involved, it is always easy to destroy the innocence that the characters seem to naturally display. Look at this picture, ask yourself what they are doing and its easy to totally flip it in a very wrong, corruptive manner.

Its this form of humour which we all know is wrong to laugh at, yet we feel the urge to resume doing so anyway. This is usually down to social anxiety and somewhat compares to wordplay used within jokes, however in a visual manner. As we know we really shouldn't find such a thing amusing, we just simply laugh more no matter how inappropriate and stupid we feel.


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