Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Ideas for transcription project post-discussion with Alan!

After a chat with Alan, I have come to realise my other ideas were either far too complex or just not hitting anywhere relating to the nature of the project. We discussed how my "world" would be best kept within a world comparable to that of such satiric cartoons such as "Happy Tree Friends" and "Salad Fingers".

 To push into this territory, there would be more focus on one aspect rather than making it too technical for myself to pull off. The idea brought up was that of fully modelled and rendered stills, which go through the alphabet, similar to perhaps the style of which Sesame Street may have used.

  • Big Bird from Sesame Street, holding the letter "H".

This could easily be changed to create a rather sadistic, cringe worthy yet amusing short - which doesn't have to involve full animation. I believe it would work using some animation in parts, however keeping it brief and focusing more on the visual comedy being brought across.  
Flipping the innocence of this technique for teaching children how to spell would be connecting each letter with humorously offensive material. This video is somewhat comparable to the concept of the joke:

I could introduce the start the animation in a more relaxed manner, being somewhat more polite and using a nature that would be expected towards children's television. From here the shock of the animation would become more intense, somewhat less about being offensive and more based on transcribing children's television in a satirical position.


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  1. Don't forget. The Garbage Pail Kids meets satirical ABC of current events.