Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Transcription project - corrupted childrens tv programme script

I have wrote out a script for the TV Childrens programme "Learning fun with Eddy the Educator", which divulges in offensive language, visual humour and unconventional shock tactics. To trick is to make the audience feel uneasy, which I feel this might succeed in doing. I could of taken the language much worse but I felt it would be more appropriate to focus on visual innuendos for deeper jokes that lay past the words themselfs.

This script is subject to change.

Learn your ABC’s the fun way with Eddy the Educator
By Chris Simmons

Render in 3D is a possibility
(Content Warning: Foul language used throughout)


                        This animated short is based on the corruption of innocence found in children’s animations, and is a transcription of this technique based upon the likes of such programmes as the Garbage Patch Kids.
We see the lovable character “Eddy the Educator” taking us on a tour through the alphabet, however there is a twist. In what you would expect to be suitable for teaching children in how to read and write correctly actually divulges into a series of foul language, contradicting the presumed target audience with its deliverance.

*Title scene opens up – flowers blossom into the screen with a rainbow piercing through the colourful arrangement of objects. Title logo appears across the Rainbow with Eddy standing at the side.*

Music at this point is jolly, typical of the twinkly bright tunes found in most Children’s cartoons.

*We do a star wipe out of the title scene – keeps the editing work simple and effective towards the stylisation of a child’s TV programme.*

We see a white environment, with a pretty border following the title scenes imagery. In walks Eddy in a jovial stride towards the camera.

“H, H, H, Hey Kids!” *big smile* “A little birds been telling me someone wants to learn their ABC?  Well today is your lucky day!” *with excited tone*

*Children’s cheers in the background* “Yaaaaaaaaaay!”

Eddy - “Are you ready?”

Children - “Yaaaaaaaaaay!”

Eddy - “Then lets fuckin do this!”

*Music changes to heavy metal – scene turns blood red as opposed to the innocent purity of white*
Animation changes to stills of each letter with Eddy posing in visual ways of depicting them – some letters will use animation for comedic effect however.

(In time with the music)

“A IS FOR ARSEHOLE (Eddy bent over pointing at his backside)
B IS FOR BEER (Eddy holding a beer up to the screen with a drunken look on his face)
C FOR CRYBABY (Eddy crying over a film on TV)
AND D IS FOR DEATH (Eddy hanging by the neck, swinging)
E IS FOR EARGASM (Eddy pointing his ear out with an excited look on his face, with ear ejaculating fluid)
F IS FOR F*CK YOU (Eddy sticking a censored middle finger in the air) *second voice in background shouting back* (f*ck you!) *Using censored bleeps to keep comical effect in the deliverance*
G IS FOR GASSY ARSE (Eddy blushing whilst a green cloud appears from his behind)
And H IS FOR HIGH (Eddy looks stoned, propped up against the letter H) *music stops briefly as Eddy giggles to himself*
*Music resumes again*
I IS FOR INSANE (Eddy self harming, right up close for intimidating effect)
J IS FOR JAILBAIT (Eddy holding a sign which says “that’s you” kids cheer in background again “Yaaaaaaaaaay!”)
K IS FOR KICK ME (Eddy with a “kick me” prank sign on his back, looking around with an intimidated look on his face)
L IS FOR LABOUR (Eddy in a giving birth position)
M IS FOR MAGIC (Eddy pulling something out of a magician’s hat strategically positioned in front of his privates)
N IS FOR NAPALM (Eddy has a bomb drop on him)
O IS FOR OBESE (Eddy sitting back eating a McDonalds)
P IS FOR PERVERT (Eddy staring through binoculars with a creepy smile on his face)
Q IS FOR QUEEN (Eddy wearing female clothing, posing in a ballet-esque position)
R IS FOR ROADIES (Eddy standing facing camera, smiling, thumbs up with a series of purposefully large breasted female fans behind him.)
S IS FOR STRANGLE (Eddy being chocked, eyes popping out comically)
T IS FOR TOUGH SH*T (Eddy sitting on toilet, uncomfortably straining making a crying sound)
U IS FOR UNDERWEAR (Eddy sporting a bra and g-string in a typical playboy-esque pose) *in background we hear “Oooh yeeeah!”*
V IS FOR VOMIT (Eddy throwing up fountains of puke)
W IS FOR WHIPPING (Eddy being pleasured by a whip)
X IS FOR THIS MAGAZINE (Eddy holding up a pornographic magazine)
Y IS FOR YELOW SNOW (Eddy urinating in snow)
Z IS FOR... (Eddy collapses... we see a flow of letter Z’s rising up across the screen as we hear him snoring.)

*Animation fades out*


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