Thursday, 3 February 2011

Transcription project - Unconventional music for kids

Heavy Metal - I love it! I beleive that this project would be good to use things which I enjoy to help keep me focused but also to drive my own personal sadistic twist into corrupting innocent childrens telivision. What other better than to use an audible source that has no connection to children whatsoever, that would offend most parents if such a sound was played infront of their children?

I still need to storyboard but I can imagine a generic soft introduction which blasts off into the alphabet with a heavy metal riff chugging in the background, to the character shouting along. Of course, he/she wont be shouting "A is for Apple", it will be something more deranged and not typically for childrens ears.

 Something appropriate would have to be fast paced, forward moving, of which I could cutt up and keep on a loop, or edit accordingly. The music should use riffs of a samey style throughout, to prevent it from being too all over the place and distracting.

Notice the chuggy, main riffs used within these peices I have picked out. These would be ideal for the backing style I would want for the character to shout along the alphabet to.


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