Saturday, 26 September 2009

Iconic faces - Oh how do they get such power...

While scurrying around the net looking for somewhere to "purchase" Maya, a sudden realisation struck me when seeing famous faces relentlessly posted on various sites.

Ever noticed how certain faces become engrained in social conformities, so much so that we cant imagine life without them? Even if some of these faces are relitively new to the public eye, its a true statement. A recognisable face holds a powerfull weapon towards peoples opinions and notions to the world. Most people will feel an effect from a famous face, however most Celebs cant change culture outside of the fashion world. Thats a start though I guess! Kate Moss comes to mind in that department...

A famous, popular model's face like Kate Moss instantly has the power to make most other women inspire to "be her" and adhere to her latest dress sense. I can understand why I guess, shes a good looking woman!

On a more extreme scale of Celebrity, there is exception for some to truely become treated as somewhat of a religious idol, a "prophecy" if you will. Take the late great Micheal Jackson for example. Now he really does have an iconic face, everyone almost instinctively knows who he is and usually of his acheivements. The funny thing is, refering to a previous statement where I said some iconic figures are treated in a religious context, some people will look up to someone such as Micheal Jackson as if he were God. Some people, however, only see fault in how he broke the boundaries of the norm therefore he could be comparable to a devil in their eyes. Doesnt this really break out amazing possibilities that idolization and comfort are the key to most religions we hear about everyday? Micheal Jacksons face changed so much over the years that he became unrecognisable as his original self by the end of his life. Its amazing how large an impact his facial metamorphasis had over the years, we ask why he changed himself, but was it really him who did it?

So now ive covered Celebrities, who else could produce a face that can totally change our perception of the world to a controlive extent. The thought I am rambling with is the fact that the most powerfull faces in the world are of those who dont exist, or who may have existed.

So heres one of the most powerfull faces in my final three countdown:

Santa Claus!

Yup, the illusive chap that apparently comes down our chimneys once a year that we all beleived in to only find out doesnt exsist... to great sadness after. He isnt real, but everyone around the world knows of his face. This image is so strong it defines a particular time of year, it provokes a particular feeling from within, its spirit full of joy. The funny thing to point out is the reason Santa's suit is red is because Coca Cola chose to make it red for their adverts as they didnt like his original green garment, to help sell their product. So that iconic red suit is actually yet another prime example of how false idolisation can be corrupted from its original source.


This guy is another prime example of the iconic figure ingrained in everyday society. His face is the amazing thing though, it is what people beleive he looked like. Obviously no one can be sure in the modern day and age exactly what he appeared like physically, but over time culture has depicted his image to what we visualise as Jesus. His image is so strong people will die for him in beleif they will get closer to him, his image creates controversy, his image can be the fine line between personal sanity itself. The man who is on the bright side of life to bring peace to mankind and to show us the way to get into heaven also appears to also be our intimidator. The tempted became the one to tempt his people, in a sense, through the power of his manipulated image alone.


This is probably the most powerfull image of them all. The most iconic face out there to date. Why? I'll tell you why, its because he/she doesnt have a face and yet most of the worlds population beleive in him/her. God is said to be everything, around us at all times, therefore we are sitting amongst his/her very self portrait. I presume this means we technically are his/her self portrait. What is God? How can we get an analysis of his/her identity? If he's/she's real, then we'd access that through mankind itself. My point is a face doesnt have to be seen to be create a powerfull image.

Therefore I conclude a powerfull portrait doesnt neccesarily have to come from mere resemblance but the ego you place within. Anything can be taken any way, but what is left behind?

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