Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Life drawing class one

Well... what an experience is all I could say.

Funny enough, I felt no discomfort or embarassment at doing this for my first time. It was a wonderfull thing to indulge in, a human being allowing a class of something like 42 gawping students hack into their very soul whilst standing there naked. Credit goes out to the models who do these shoots! I presume they find some form of relaxation from it, a therapeutic comfort knowing that they are being appreciated.

Anyhoo, before I diverse away from the purpose of this blog I better get to the point. Usually, im a pretty strong drawer. Im not sure whether it was the time limits we were given to draw the model or the fact I felt like I couldnt let the model down, but I struggled to gain proportion within my first few pictures. I usually like to take time to put pencil to paper, draw things in detail, shading afterwards... but here we had no time for that! I was amazed by how some of my fellow students could really scratch away at their paper and get a good, rich impression of the lady in the time given.

Enough of them and time for me. Heres my pictures from my first life drawing class:

In the first picture I rushed to finish the legs due to bad time management, therefore the image not being completed. The second image I got a much better composition for, my confidence kicking in and me being able to guide the pencil much better.
When we was told to create images using lines and structural methods, being me I decided to leap out of the ordinary and describe what I saw through embers of my imagination. The third image is just this, the model has become robotic like, yet still noticably human. The last picture I was pretty proud of, using just lines I managed to capture the snaking form of the model sitting down to great effect. My sense for proportion and allowing myself to drift off and go with the flow really kicked in during the process of drawing this picture.

Take it easy folks

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