Thursday, 1 October 2009

Maya job number 1! Dice!

Indeed peoples, as promised, here I am with my Dice.

I still dont have a working copy of Maya at home so between lecture and seminar I quickly took up a spot in one of the Computer rooms. I wasnt the only one to do so, it seems like many are Maya-less at the moment.

I have decided to take screen shots to show my working to help for future referencing and to show I was adhering to the given instructions.

  • Creating the split of the polygon:

  • Extruding selected faces of the polygon.

  • Pressing 3 on the keyboard to preview the polygon in its snazzy form as the dice.

  • Taking faces to create net for texture modeling and texture modeling in Photoshop.

  • Wrapping texture around polygon via a blinn-kin lot of effort on my behalf. ahaha.

  • Adding "table" for dice to sit on, duplicating dice and setting the lighting. Nearly there!

  • Its now ready to render. Just a bit of smoothing and nail biting to go. Refer to top image for final result. Not too bad for a first try at Maya methinks.

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