Saturday, 17 October 2009

More self analysis - do my hobbies help depict my identity?

Heres a bit of a random one, but I thought id post it up out of interest in relation to a previous blog about Artists portraying their identities through work and to help further show an inside to who I am. The video in this post will show my band playing a gig. A lot of people are quick to mention I dont appear the type to do the singing role in a heavy rock band, its as if certain things are expected from such a person. Therefore, does my role in my band help to further capture my energy? From a direct approach in observing my appearance, you could say im just using a mask to hide myself to perform my alter ego for the crowd watching. On another hand you could argue that this form of music helps to push out a side of me which holds many closed doors, secrets, frustrations and aspirations. As a result this could also further show how as individuals we are corrupted by others views on how life should be, therefore even in the face of truth having to put forward a safety mask to cover our identities.

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