Friday, 23 October 2009

Self portrait final peice

This is my final Self Portrait for the Self Portrait project. You will notice it is created using different layers to describe myself. I have come to find that the understanding of self identity, especially within a single image, is somewhat impossible to acheive. We all conform to societic pressures so much in everyday life that we never are the same person throughout the day. This image uses text to create the image of my facial features. The words are what people I know have used to describe me, plus my own questioning and opinions to the words being thrown my way. There is also words from "of the moment" where I was making this image. This is to help further bring my image to life. The lighting is set so I am in a bright spotlight, which reflects how vunerable this image really makes me. Notice the eyes create a strong bond between the observer and the image, an intensity which never lets you go, which watches you whilst you decide for youselfs who you think I am.

I am trying to upload my Maya work at the moment for week 4, but whenever I go to press publish post it crashes on me. Its curious and highly annoying, anyone got any ideas?

Take it easy folks

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