Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Life drawing class two

Hey people

We had our second instalment of life drawing this evening, yet again intense and perception being the key. The task was to produce two drawings, the first on the basis of just using lines taking off from last weeks session, the second using measuring and precise analysis to depict the subject. We was encouraged to use the pencil lightly and not to delve into too much detail.
Notice the first image ive edited in photoshop so the pencil lines show up better to give you an idea for my working:

I was quite pleased with the first image, I got the lines to depict the image of the lady subject rather well yet again. With the second image, I didnt finish all of the subjects body. We was told to expect this as we was using new measuring techniques for the first time that was "suppost" to slow us down and make us think more about what we was drawing.


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