Saturday, 3 October 2009

Human - Animal Hybrid

Hey folks its time for self portrait of the daAaAaAaAay!!!

I was sitting doing some concept work tonight when I suddenly caught my attention drifting off to what imagery I could use to describe myself. I conjured up the thought that rather than trying to capture my identity, how about use something that somewhat resembles me in a humorous manner. I decided to use Animals, like most people do, as I beleive its a good basis when learning these techniques. Rather than try to use an Animal to depict my personality, I used an Animal with similar physical attributes. Yes, its a Lion. Why? Its got a messy hairdo! Lions growl too, thats my job in my band! =D Therefore, here I am as a Lion...

This uses the knowledge from our photoshop technical classes (plus a lil more), with the relation to the subject of anatomy and self portrait. It was made up of the following images:

Take it easy folks


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