Monday, 5 October 2009

As Halloween is vastly approaching...

I thought it'd be suitable to absolutely destroy my image and turn myself into a gruesome zombie - vampire themed monster via the magic of photoshop.
Its not finished but while im working on it I thought id tell you lot so you can see where im at with it...

When im finished with it (which shouldnt be too long) i'll upload it to be a gnarly portrait of the day.

Take care fellow bloggers



  1. Interim Review - Unit 1: Anatomy 06/10/09

    Hi Chris,

    You display a varied, some might say 'scatter-shot' approach to project building; I would like to see a bit more 'process' here - a thru-line as you pick up one idea, run with it, develop it, then set it down again when it's exhausted; don't get me wrong, I like that fact that you're trying a number of different strategies, but I'm suggesting you could spend a little more time with each; show the bit-by-bit development of a piece, with time allocated to reflect on the successes or otherwise. I suppose I'm asking you to be a shade more professional in your own relationship to your work; at some point your blog will become a professional platform for you, so you may as well get used to being as 'public-facing' as possible.

    We spoke about your portrait idea using text to form the face; I'll just reiterate here my aversion to the cliche of the black and white '2-face' composition... I very much liked the pencil drawings you've done - from photos? They have a lot of energy in them. Will you be using them as the basis for the text-based portrait?

    I was looking for a clear essay proposal from you, but not sure I found one; the idea of one's identity being a 'battleground' (as expressed by Barbara Krueger) is interesting; to whom do our identities belong? To the big corporations and ad agencies you might argue...

    Be sure to re-visit the project brief this week to ensure that you're going to be ready to submit everything asked of you... You know what I think of non-submissions!

  2. Hey Phil,

    Indeed ive been using a rather "scatter - shot" approach, simply because I want to try all the things that pop into my mind so I can decide on my favourite to develop on. I understand though, I should be showing more behind the scenes type development on here... perhaps explaining how it links in with each post I do. Please dont worry I am going to be using the next two and half weeks wisely, beginning to narrow things down to my final peice. Expect to see more Artwork now with a more constructive basis. ^_^

    The pencil drawings I do will be used as the basis for the study of my face for my final peice. I must re-phrase how I explained my idea for the text image. I dont intend to use a "light and dark" approach, rather I meant how the direction of the text will develop the features of my face, to do so i'll apply the text within a two tone posteration style technique. If that makes any sense at all =) I was thinking the good words and bad words could be arranged according to their meaning, balancing out an expression of how the world perceives me. I think a person can never say who they truely are, we all conform and change everyday. Its the world around me that creates my identity, yet funny enough like everyone else i'll never be truely accepted into the world by everyone. Our bodies truely are a battleground!

    As for an essay question, I was basing it on lost identity but less on a personal basis and more on that of societies expectations/acceptance. Its just im unsure how I should approach it as a question.

    Thank you for the review and dont worry, I wont be a non submission!!!! XD