Friday, 30 October 2009

Project two - spaces... Titus Groan (plus some work from technical class - graphics tablets)

Dear Mr Blog.

Yes indeed, its time to pick up the pencil once again. Well, in this occassion, im hoping it will be the graphics tablet. A noOb to such technology, one does feel somewhat behind. I will pick it up quickly though, I can assure you of that...

We have been given different folders with different stories unknown to us before opening...
What did I get I hear you ask!? - Titus Groan.

Now, to me, this was a win/loose situation. After hearing about some fellow classmates geting such tales as "the wizard of Oz", something most people visually know rather well, coming across a story id never heard of before sank my stomach into a dirty dark pitt. Then when trying to pick up the peices, I realised... this isnt a bad thing at all! I can really play around with the visualisations from my own imagination, there is no given limits, no artistic blocks in my head holding me back.

The story of "Titus Groan" is based on the settings of a huge elegant castle, overlooking a land with its wealthy stature and presence. The rich owners of this castle, the Groan family, are rather self obsorbed and lack gratitude for their status. Outside of their wealthly haven is a much lower standard of life, the ground from which live the Peasants! Within the story there are confrontations between characters that result in attempts to storm into the Castle, or entry to the Castle being few and far between. This novel is based on power, dark underlying gothic references and leaves a lot to the imagination.

In our first Graphics tablet class we started drawing some images, I have STARTED to draw an image relevant to that of the castle in the novel. Notice how I am showing the castle from above, looking down into the musky peasants land. There will be a village present when this image is complete. I also "painted" in photoshop the image of a blood red dawn, with a crucifix on top of a hill. This was to practise the mood that may be represented in the Titus Groan imagery. The symbolism of power through a simple object, the colours, the setting.

I have been taking sketches from tv shows and surroundings to get more ideas for concept Art. For example I saw a programme called "Merlin" on BBC earlier this evening, quickly jotting down images of castles and landscapes. I got some really cool ideas to tie into the theme of Titus Groan and cant wait to get started!

I bid ye farewell readers


  1. What file types/ sizes are you trying to upload? Also check out the BBC mini series of Gormenghast which is Peakes sequel to Titus.

  2. Oh and for a different take on this universe Rodney Matthews produced some illustrations back in the late 70's early 80's. For a darker more gothic approach Ian Miller is your man, he produced art work for many people including Games Workshop when its games were produced for adults (and they employed freelancers)

  3. Hi Kwiss - can you email me your portraiture essay to asap - I can't find your submission disc. I've marked everything else, I just need the word document. Thanks.

  4. Hi Kwiss - Important - can you email me your essay TONIGHT! Thanks

  5. Okay - some important tips re. the essay. What I DON'T want is 1,500 words of general observations about the 'look' of a game or film; what I'm looking for is some genuine research into the creative team/rationale behind the creation of a particular world (for instance, for Superman Returns, there was a conscious effort on behalf of the production designers to create an amalgamation of time periods, so that the film had a retro/contemporary quality that referenced the forties as well as the present day); another way to discuss the 'look' of a film/game in a contextualised way is to gather together lots of film/reviews and cross-reference the similarities between observations, as reviewers identify 'trends' and 'meanings' in the production design. I want you to actually 'deconstruct' the look of something in intellectual terms, and not just bang on about the obvious stuff - this should be your mantra - AVOID GENERIC OBSERVATIONS! Find an angle, support it with external evidence and PROVE your analysis... Obviously then, I'd choose something about which you can dig up the relevant information...