Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Media hybrid

Here is a great idea ive come up with to help towards my final portrait: Draw, paint, then edit in photoshop to create an overall image.

Tonight I felt a sinister inspiration to depict something dark, almost offensive to the majority of people who would probably be viewing it. I decided to create an image based on "what if"...

What if things we hope happen, or are led to beleive have happened, or will happen, never take the path of our beleifs? This happens everyday, from eating foods which are apparently good for you, to asking your neighbour to look after the Dog when you go on holiday. Beleif, trust, faith, aspirations... they are all based on one thing: probability. This leds me to ask, what is true? If theres something I want to beleive in, it shall belong to my world. On the vast subject of identity, every living person on this planet is effected by the communication around them, their programmed to be who they are. Who are they? Who are you? Who am I?

Soon to be uploading my portraits, so keep an eye out!

Take care


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