Sunday, 4 October 2009

Words within a portrait!? - good idea

The use of text in Art isnt uncommon, sometimes as the basis of an image alone. Text Portraits sometimes are comprimised of text building an image, or text alone being an attribute to the images meaning. When someone thinks of a portrait, they tend to picture an image with a visual character, the use of words alone is somewhat abstract and defies the "norm" of what one would expect. If you like, the use of text in a Portrait creates the onlooker to become uneasy as it isnt what they steriotypically expect from such an image.

Some Artists that have used text in their work include Bruce Nauman, Wadsworth Jarrell, Barbara Kruger.

Here is an image constructed by Barbera Kruger. Notice how the words are used to make the images meaning stand out clearer to the audience, as if she has a valid opinion to express. Here we can clearly see she is stating about how the human body is steriotyped due to skin colour, race, sexuality, beleifs, abilities etc. Our bodies are never fully accepted amongst all of our fellow human beings. Some might say that we are all owned by a media driven commercialized society where as a result we have lost our true identies to conform to what is expected of us within certain social groups.

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Therefore I have decided to create a questionare asking everyone I know how they would describe my identity in ONE word. I will get these words from freinds, family and bulletins on social networking sites. From these words I shall create a list in this blog, negative and positive words are both welcome and will be accepted without a grudge. My concept is to seperate the good words from the bad and use Photoshop to arrange the words to construct my image. The colour schemes used shall reflect the tone of the word and also the natrual shading of light and dark. The technique behind my concept is based similar on that of two tone posteration, except this has a much more phycological meaning involving subtle technicalities.

I look forward to geting it done.
Here I shall post up the words I get from peoples responses.

Good words

Sensitive, Humble, Personal, Freindly, Shaggy from Scooby Doo, Unique, Lovable, Cute, Approachable

Bad words

Goth, Odd, Perve (they hopefully wasnt being serious), Manic, Gay (derogatory term), Shy, Lonely, Confused

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