Monday, 19 October 2009

Lighting scenes

This is the one point lighting (front) image showing the light from a single object hiting the subject, with colourisation from the light source.

This second image shows light behind the Character, creating a glow effect.

This third image shows the Character laying down in the sunlight, on the surface of Mars. Notice that due to the atmospheric conditions the lighting is tinged in Red.

This image shows the use of three point lighting. Notice the different tones of light hitting the subject.

This shot shows the Alien Character in an early morning lighting style.

Heres the lighting set to depict the atmosphere of a mid day setting. Its bright and somewhat happy in appearance.

In contrast to the previous lighting, heres the Character and his ship set in the dull, low light, blue tones of the night.

This image captures the Character in a tone that inflicts a "horror" style atmosphere.
Yup, its the blood red that does it...

Heres another render showing the lighting to depict a Sci Fi style enviroment. Very spooky!

Finally here is the Character in a "Fire"-esque style lighting. To give it extra warm I created more yellows fused with the red in the texture node.

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