Thursday, 1 October 2009

The surreal world of Theory Thursday... Plus Self Portrait of the day! (which today was an epic fail...)

Right folks. We had our first proper Theory lecture plus Seminar on Thursday.

The main topic of discussion being perception, I sat there glazed at the question of... what is perception? What if one person see's something totally different to another? Its amazing how Art really kicks into subjects such as philosophy and psychology at times.

The main visual technique discussed at our Lecture was called the "Gestalt" theory. In this technique the image uses visual prompts to depict information to the onlooker. I find it interesting how some people can visually interprite the images immediately while others struggle to see beyond and bring forward the secondary peice of information.

As I am studying Artists at the moment for my Self Portrait project, I was randomly sketching in a cartoonish Picasso style when an image hit me.

This isnt the indended to be a detailed peice of art, moreso practising shapes to represent features. The image is of a man's face with a hat, however upon switching your line of vision you clearly see a Dog laying down looking up at him.

Observe the traditional "Vase and Face" Illusion following the same principle.

Is that time again folks... Self Portrait of the daAaAaAay!!!

I call this "Wolf at Work"

I was experimenting with using only the smudge, layers and cutting tools. Needless to say, it looks terrible!

Im still trying to find different ways to describe aspects of my personality, or capturing moments. I dont beleive anyone is a certain way forever, we are all a different person everyday. I tend to get very stressed out when working and someone disturbs my concentration. What this image represents isnt "evil" or anything otherwordly related. This image represents "Give me space while I try to do my work damnit!". You'll notice ive made it like ive just started the transformation between man and beast, which is showing the "warning" in the message, i'll only shout out if disturbed too often.

Im a nice chap really! =D


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