Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Life drawing class three

This week we was given the task of drawing the Male figure. We created three images, two of which were produced over hour long sessions, while the other image was created within 5 minutes. The tutor encouraged the class to use the tedious measuring skills we had learnt in the previous weeks to construct our two main drawings. In typical Chris Simmons fashion, I failed to complete the structure of the subject in the time given. This was due to carefully focusing on the accuracy of my measurements and making sure I had got the proportions of the subject correct.

In the image above you can see the model holding onto a sword behind his back. This gave a new challenge to draw, using observational analysis as much as possible to ensure the figure was of the correct proportion. If you observe the original image you can see how I have created lines and measurement points to help describe the features of the image clearer for myself to draw.

In this second drawing you can see how the model is standing in a rather standard pose, arms on his hips. A similar pose was also performed by the female model a few weeks back, which makes an interesting point to observe how due to being male the whole approach to depicting the subjects image drastically changes. Notice how I have applied the objects in the background to help give myself a further understanding of depth and scale.

This last image was done in under five minutes, without using any measurement techniques.
The tutor gave us five minutes but I hadnt got my paper ready, so for me this was probably done in around 3 minutes. I am quite proud with how I managed to get the outline of the whole body whilst keeping the proportions intact. Observe how the model is in a totally alien position to what were used to drawing, the overal image making a sense of disturbance and greif.

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