Sunday, 18 October 2009

The facebook test plus chosen essay question

One thing this unit has taught me is about how self perception can be such an influence on our identities. Even the smallest changes to our apperance, mannerisms or even personal interests can effect the way we are perceived by others, thus giving us "labels" and making people see us in a certain way. Our identities are constantly corrupted by this attitude towards one another, each day we meet different people, go to certain places and this as a result can effect the aura of who we are.

Id like to take this moment to breifly explain about a test I done to prove this theory. I decided while making portraits to change myself to depict different steriotypical images to gain a reaction from my peers. Just as planned it worked.
This image of myself depicts a dark, sinister somewhat evil energy. You will notice the tones of blue merged into the image, to help make the image "feel cold". The comments I got for this were of shock, people would say I "looked like a serial killer". How does this image make you feel?

I also posted this one up, which shows me following the visual steriotype of the emo trend. The long fringe covering one eye, the black and white colouring, my eye still blue to make the image more intense between the picture and the onlooker. To make this image come across more as my personal "identity" I even added my nickname to the picture. The reaction I got to this was most amusing, people would call me all sorts of derogatory terms, best freinds suddenly turning on me for conforming to another image thinking I was no longer the Chris they know and love.

Does this mean that to really observe someones true personal identity its better to be blind and socially unaware? I think so.


Well I was going to do my essay based on "What creates a strong emotional response in portraiture art and why does society affiliate such power so critically?"

I was told that this was not direct enough to the subject of portraiture Art, yet not wanting to conform to the typical identity question id like to somehow stick to this route.

Take it easy folks



  1. Tomorrow at 3pm in Lecture Theatre 1, Tracy Ashmore is doing a second session on structuring arguments for academic writing and creative research; it will last an hour, giving you a bit of a breather before the life-drawing class; sorry for the short notice, but it was only confirmed at the end of last week. If you could assist me in getting word out to your classmates, I'd be very grateful. Cheers!

  2. Okey chap =)

    I'll let who I can know.
    Im in Uni atm doing my Maya work so i'll tell the ones who are here. I'll let Laura and Simon know too, coz im always talking to them.

    See you soon! =)