Friday, 27 November 2009

Concept Art using photoshop

This is a simple idea for the loft, with the character menacingly sitting there awaiting his visitor.

This image shows an onlooker looking up at the mighty Castle towering above.

This image is a rough image of the loft, with the character becoming less important than the space, which was the intention.

Here we have the image of the Castle City in Titus Groan, an early developmental image into my style and idea of the structure.

This image is where I was practising the image of fire, for use in other aspects of the Titus Groan extracts.
This image started off well, however when given advice to make the closer objects sharper, I feel the risk of ruining the image came to life.

This image strongly relates to the film Metropolis that we watched earlier in the project.

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  1. Hi everyone – hope you’re relaxing after your five weeks and crit…

    In preparation for your next unit, I thought it might be useful to introduce you all to a couple of third year students, whose projects are very environment-based (in different ways and with different emphases) and who are in the later stages of their respective projects; I’d like you to follow their progress – so introduce yourselves and don’t be shy!

    Dave Keefe at
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