Monday, 30 November 2009

Space studies! - and no I dont mean it in an astronomical sense!

Lets talk about space... enviroments... what makes an area fill with atmosphere?

I beleive the space in which assets are to be depicted within is just as essential to describe an image as the assets themselfs. Overall, lighting, colours, textures and volume of space merge together to create an aura of presence; without these elements mixed correctly an image becomes surreal or without purpose.

There are some Artists who focus on space itself specifically, we was informed on some stand out examples this morning in our lecture.

Here are a few of them:

  • Edward Hopper

In these images you can see different uses to describe space.

In the first image you can see how elements within the space are spread out to aim the viewers focus, whether purposefully or not is not known. The image appears to show a man, working at his desk trying to stay focused, I get the feel that is has been a long day at the office and he's tired. I get the feeling that the woman in the image has been trying to seduce him for a long period of time, using different techniques to try and lure her way in. This picture captures her in the moment of addressing her body language towards him, curving herself, making herself a focal point for the overal image. There is a small peice of paper layed out on the floor, which in the lecture Phil so elegantly put across that it appears purposefully placed for her to bend down and pick up infront of the man at the desk.

In the second image you can clearly see a blank room, a space which isnt being used, which may have been used or is waiting to be used. It is its own neutral presence, emmiting stillness and silence and in turn, quite calming to view. The colour schemes reflect the lighting, the yellows merge together to apply different shading efficiently yet somewhat blandly. This blandness also contrasts how the space is untouched and in a state of wildness. There is no obvious signs of human presence, the only visual living thing in the image is the plant life outside, further adding to its own solitude.

Take care folks!


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  1. So Chris...No Maya work? And your reason is?

    CG is a hard and only by doing it does it get any easier...So why avoid do it? It doesn't make any sense on your only cheating yourself. The next project is Maya based...Sorry no way out this time!