Monday, 30 November 2009

Inspiration for Gormenghast Castle

When we were studying concept art I had to find physical visuals which helped give me a basis for creating a fictional enviroment. I didn't have to look far for inspiration whch helped me to visualise the image of Gormenghast Castle.

Near the University of the Creative Arts there is a Castle in the City of Rochester, ironically named "Rochester Castle". It is here the crumbling soul of a former elegant glory towers above the landscape of the City, it is here where I managed to capture a feel for such power. The structure of the Caslte is beautiful, rolling down into the depths of the Earth, set in a calm, still, peacefull enviroment unsettled by time.

I didn't copy the image of the Castle at all, yet I took these characteristics and poured them into my own imager, the Castle gave me a good idea for physical structure as well as allowing me to imagine it within a different enviroment more suited to the project I was immersed in.

This project also helped to open my minds eye a bit more too, to build my confidence in my own artwork. I can close my eyes and see colours merging together again, metamorphisising into shapes and becoming a guide to my paintbrush. As a result I have one more peice of concept art based on Gormenghast to create, I envisioned climbing up the cliffs in my image and peering over the top to reveal a vast landscape of buildings underneath the groaning breadth of the Castle. So keep an eye out for a new picture!

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