Thursday, 26 November 2009

Edward Scissorhands

Ive not been touched by a film for a long time, but this one really struck a heart string good and proper. The spaced out characters used within this film really help to portray a world of vibrant mockery to the American people, yet used in a way to help portray the “good innocent” image of the public towards the darker, more sinister appearance of Edward himself.

The film blossoms a romance between Edward and Kim, which develops slowly but so obvious before the viewers eyes. Throughout the history of humanity the wisdow of generations was conveyed through fairytales. This tale is no exception, for it is told in magical simplicity, yet has some deep philosophical meanings behind its concept. While Mercilessly debunking the true nature of human beings, this tragic story really tears your heart, and yet it fills it with hope.

That is the truth, and perhaps the only purpose of Art.
Definantly one of Tim Burtons best pieces to date.
Here is some concepts I done based on the movie.

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