Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Character design - first lesson

In our first lesson of character design we was talked through the meaning behind different characters appearances and what makes them feel like they have the personalities we associate them with on screen. After watching several clips of classic villian/hero/sidekicks from various different films dating back to early animation to modern animation we discussed the similarities between the characters and how we could apply that to make our own characters "feel" like they have distinct personalities.

This led onto an interesting task, picking two cards which had two randomised outcomes which together provide a character which requires a good depth of the imagination. For example, I had two different characters to draw; one being that of an alien stage magician and the other being (ironically) an intergalactic goth. I decided to draw one of these up in photoshop to give a clear image of my alien character. (I'll draw the goth up as well and stick it here soon).

Finally, we was given the randomised playing cards once again which was to choose our fates for the project. I got Viking Superheros, which im quite pleased about because im sure theres a lot I can do for this... ive just got to avoid whats already been done with Thor.  We are to create our own character bibles with a synopsis of the "cartoons" storyline.


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