Monday, 20 September 2010

Second year! Group project - Retro-fest!

Here we are, in our second year ready to face more challenges that come our way. This time however, we all know its a lot more serious. In saying this, its still a lot of fun to do what we do, so here goes!

Retro-fest assignment

We have been put into groups chosen by our tutors to work alongside for the next 15 weeks. In this 15 weeks we shall produce a trailer for a typical B Movie. To do this we each discuss what roles are best for one another, how long we should take to do each certain tasks and collaborate ideas together. Each individual in a group has been selected due to personal strengths and weaknesses which in turn should help to further our personal skills and be benificial for our projects as a result.

In my group I have the following people:

  • Shabhir
  • Ruben
  • Ethan
We are group F, or as we have collectively decided we are to be named - "B3D studios".

The randomised title for our film is "Day of the invisible Cannibal from beyond the stars".

Watch this space and our group blog for further information/progress.



  1. Can you post a link to your group blog please, Chris...thanks! :)

  2. "Day of the invisible Cannibal from beyond the stars". - Predator anyone?

  3. Alan... how did you do that... your completely right before we even started our planning!!! Theres a lot of Predator in this... We have heat seeking detectors which hunt down the alien "infected" cannibals for example... I thought back to this comment and am now quite positive your a phsycic! lmao