Monday, 27 September 2010

My little awareness appeal for my team

Hey guys and girls, I thought id do a quick little update to show you this wonderful idea called advertising! Im posting around the internet the URL link to my groups blog, which in turn will lead to more page views and perhaps helping the project to become a bigger success as the weeks go on.

One example is here, good old Facebook. So if you want to help us and you support our project, feel free to invite people to check us out! Comments and advice is welcome.



  1. Hi Chris, a little suggestion, the Facebook marketing trick is a good idea, but for the duration of the project at least I would change your profile pic. You are acting as a representative of your studio in a professional capacity, therefore a more suitable image may be more appropriate, suggetions include the studio logo, black and white corporate image, or each member of the group create an avatar that ties in with either the studios or the productions aesthetic. If you all follow the same lead it will give the studio a sense of professionalism and coherency.