Monday, 25 October 2010

Character design - Villain "Hel"

Heres some of my designs for the evil viking underlord "Hel" for my character design project.

Here is my original idea for the character "Hel" based on a few rough skeleton sketches I produced. The character is based on that of famous evil people in that of the cartoon world - Mainly the evil pointed features of characters such as Jafar from Aladin, Cruella Devil from 101 Dalmations.
I started with more of a "Brute" image in mind, however this tore the character away from the idea that he was suppost to be evil, so I attempted to mix the best of both worlds to acheive a nasty, sly, strong yet evil character using a mix of both principles. The first sketches were as the following images, of which seemed to speak louder to me as side kicks rather than main characters. Their just not evil enough!

Here you can see from taking reference from such famous characters as above, I can create a much better idea of what would build an "evil" stature. I then applied it to my own design to further the menacing nature of Hel's indimidating appearance.

In playing around with this new idea for slim, pointed, scary evil looks, I decided to try and re design Hel's facial appearance. Here you can see he has started to gain a "skull" like nose, with Cat eyes and a sinister smile.

As a result of this I decided to push his design further, trying to see how changing different aspects of the facial contours effected the "evilness" of the character.

In talking to Colin White, he suggested larger horns and quickly sketched out my design into a new form which helps to pursue his evil charms.

  • Hel before:

  • Hel after:

This design of Hel takes on that of a similar appearance to the character "Maleficent" in the Disney classic "Sleeping Beauty" (1959).


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