Saturday, 2 October 2010

Bad kids go to hell review

I run my hands over the glossy front cover, immediately from the artwork the title "Bad kids go to hell" makes some sense. A group of six angsty looking adolescents stare back at me with a mix of attitude and anxiousness. Their definitely up to no good, with some of the characters appearing less confident than others, living up to the name "bad kids" as the title suggests.

As I turn to read the first page I'm hit instantly by the fact the story starts out to Black Sabbaths "The Wizard". The sounds of Ozzy's harmonica and howling vocal plays in the back of my mind, and I think if theres anything to fix me to read on in a first page then this certainly does the trick! So the Author has good taste in music? Or is this a reflection on the nature of the characters involved, or the dark settings that this comic strip provides? I can say from this analysis that the book already stands out as something aimed at the more alternative mind.

There I am flicking through the pages, already the story grabbing me with twists and turns in every direction. The artwork in this Comic is brilliant, some serious efforts been put into this. The characters are a cross between typical cartoon and realism, which keeps the audience reminded that its fictional, giving the reader that edge of creativity to work on in their minds. I'm smacked by one character, whoever designed this deserves a medal. Veronica Harmon, God Dayum! The edgy witchcraft loving, skimpy skirted rocker chick always with something to say, definitely one of the best characters in here! Unfortunately, she dies at the end when revealing shes actually someone else. Shame that.

What I find interesting about this comic is how it seems to be drawn out in a way in which you can imagine it being animated. Each page is full of directional hints to how things would be moving, how it would be sounding. The colour schemes show a brilliant technique of setting the tone for a scene.

Overall I love the edgy twists, the settings and moods portrayed, and how each time the story seems to take you one way something happens to submerge the characters into more action. A good read!


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