Thursday, 7 October 2010

Synopsis idea for Viking Superhero Cartoon

The class Nerd Billy is often the subject of bullying and abuse, a boy with no confidence. He loves nothing more than to go to the School Library and to get a few books out to read. Although hes top in his class at just about everything (asides from P.E), he has a passion for History. He gets out books on ancient civilisations and cultures, but his most favourite subject is the mighty Vikings! One day he becomes bored of reading the same books over and over again, only to notice something sticking out of the shelves of the History department. There lays an old book, half hanging off the shelf, so Billy takes it. To his surprise, this battered old book is about the Vikings, the title being carved into the book which is covered in dusty filth. Billy opens this book and reads the first few lines "Behold! Whoever reads this shall bear the burden of our existence!". After this, Billy finds that he has unlocked an evil source of power, that of evil Viking Demi-Gods who wish to settle a battle they fought before being locked in the book for over a thousand years. Billy is confronted by a small Viking named Tharack, who explains now Billy has released the powers of the underworld he is the one to fight the evil. To Billy's surprise, he now has Viking super powers himself! So alongside his new found friend they go out to fight the evil forces that be, taking one out at a time in each episode. Things change in Billy's life, he gains confidence from his super powers and finds out he's not as bad at P.E anymore either!


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