Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Scream review

So here comes another Wednesday morning watching another movie after an insightful look into Phil's play on the subject of Postmodernism. In a similar fashion to a previous film we saw, Kill Bill, this film divulges into a similar trend of blood splattered madness. The bloodshed in this film may be enough to fill a swimming pool, but its spilled in vast quantities carefully, at precise moments in the film to help build the tension and storyline to its closure.

The film opens with Drew Barrymore playing a girl named Casey getting random phone calls from a scary caller. The caller plays around with her by phoning her a few times, then starts to show his true colours. This builds the tension of the film and allows the audience to understand what to expect from it. The fear invoked into the audience at the moment we see Drew Barrymore's hanging dead body from a tree is when we realise the somewhat corny, yet frightening attitude that this film portrays. Theres many occasions within this movie that can be compared to classic horror movies, it weaves in and out of stories already told, which is in a sense what creates its success. We even experience the killer "Billy" himself reciting lines from movies, the lead character "Sidney" commenting on the subject of horror films and we watch as they play out these stereotypes throughout the movie.

The film rolls on to the main story and we are introduced to the characters which set up the next 1hr 50 minutes of pure edgy teen horror. Sidney Prescott's (Neve Campbell) Mother was murdered in a violently almost a year ago to when the plot is set. She believes the killer is caught and safely being held in prison, however we later on come to find its more than likely this is not the case. Sidney's Mum was seeing Billy's father, which caused Billy's Mother to run away. A TV news reporter who covered the case, Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox), is in on getting a slice of the action. She wants it so she can gain attention for her new book, which gives mention on the murder case of Sidney's Mum. Gale wants to prove that the real killer is still out there, so she relentlessly harasses the people in question.

Were put on a spinning roller coaster of a ride as the suspects in the film become less obvious just as they seem to be staring you in the face. Things start to unfold and the killers begin to appear. When the killers become known your left with a dizzy sense of euphoria as you feel like you've known who it was all along, shouting out to the characters to mind their backs, or, in true horror movie fashion, to "look behind you".

Theres one thing to note, the end of this film gets bloody. I cant help to think though that some aspects of gruesomeness were toned down, as ive seen much worse. For a slasher style movie this definitely is driven more by angst and anxiety created by the scenes themselves, as opposed to the shock and horror of watching someone being stabbed a few times. Its a brilliant film to watch and has some amusing acting, definitely setting in the feelings of a psychopathic nature. Definitely one to watch if your into horror!

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