Sunday, 14 March 2010

Brainstorming - Fastidious Pot Plant

To gain a storyline is hard enough, but to gain a logical, flowing storyline which works in harmony to the characters usually is a result of an understanding to the characters portrayed. Here I am just fixing together a quick brainstorming session, peicing together what my character means and thus what his role could entail.


  • Hard to please - (Self loving, unnapriciative, snobby, "well to do" and expectant) 
  • Tedious - (Painstakingly specific, accurate, corrective, hard work, difficult)
  • Fussy - (Annoying, irritating, dull, insensitive, spoilt)
  • Specific - (cleanliness, perfection, stubborn, insistant)
  • Grumpy - (loud, low, mopey, tired, hesitant)
  • Concerned - (thoughtful, displeased, unestablished, angry, disapointment)
  • Impatient - (itching, movement, busy, awake, energy, driven)
Pot Plant:

  • Indoors
  • Attractive
  • Artistic
  • Colourful
  • Sensitive
  • Expressive
  • Naturalistic
Okey, so what have I learned from this? There seems to be a trend focusing on how the fastidious is clearly abusive to others feelings, possibly without self realisation, how the character may feel important therefore feeling far too confident in his own pride.

The snobby nature of the pot plant can be reflected in his appearance, as he sees himself as a marvel of true beauty compared to others. Perhaps the plant can be very flamboyant in his actions to express himself and his narrow minded views on others.



  1. Hi Chris,
    now you have worked out the traits of your character you need to crack on designing it, so you can express it properly in the animation.

  2. Thanks Simon =) Im doing just that, also at the same time im throwing up my Maya tutorials ive gota catch up on... plus my pre vis... im a busy lad atm!