Saturday, 13 March 2010

Time management plans... yup!

Indeed, a bit of a random post however ive realised how badly ive abused my time management on this course. The whole reason im studying this is because its something I wish to pursue and understand, so why have I lacked the ability to just get on with it? Im not sure, no excuses but to just say im pretty much failing myself.

In that case, ive gota get down to business. Heres my plan!

  • Get to the Library, get books and internet research for Essay... do that asap
  • Keep working on my concept for my "Fastidious pot plant". Brainstorming ideas and making character sketches is needed!
  • Get ALL my Maya tutorials up to date when I have access to the computers at Uni.
  • Finish editing my pre vis from the last unit.
  • Keep blogging about relevant subjects.
This is like my personal post it note to say "if you wanna do it, then do it" and remind me exactly what I need to get done... I know I can do it! and I know I wanna!


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