Monday, 22 March 2010

Story idea

I have been given the task of creating a minute long hand drawn animation on a random subject given to me at the start of the project. My random subject is a fastidious pot plant, as ive shown earlier in my blog. I have to apply a story to this character with the three act structure as used in the previous project. The fastidious pot plant is a grumpy, self indulgent plant who wants everything his own way, so therefore I need to apply this characteristic to drive the story itself. So here is my story idea:

  • Act 1
An old, fastidious pot plant who's place is on a windowsill, constantly moping about the plants outside and how he should take place on the elegant stand where another pot plant is positioned. He cannot wait for the moment this pot plant dies, as it is older than he is, so whenever that last leaf drops off he knows he will claim his position on the stand.

  • Act 2
The old pot plant on the stall dies, with the windowsill plant coaxing it on in triumph. When the plant finally dies he is somewhat joyus, and states how he wants to be moved.

  • Act 3
The pot plant is moved to the stand, where he sits there with his nose in the air proud of himself. The plants outside can see his victory claimed, and he loves every second of his "coronation". Then the families Dog comes along and sits beside the stand, who wags his tail and knocks the stand over and the pot plant flying out of the window where he smashes into peices and is surrounded by the plants he fastidiously boasted to all them years...


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