Monday, 22 March 2010

Rough Character design

We have been told that it would be prefered if the characters used within this animation were to not have facial features, and that the physical characteristics that the object already has should decide on the ways the characters act. For me, as I have a pot plant to work with, I can use the bending of the stems for emotional expressionism, the movement of the leafs to stand in for arms and hands, plus the "trumpet" shaped style/stigma to represent the mouth.

This is NOT my final design for the character - but its a rough idea of what will go where and how the character may work. My tutor Phil has given me a good list of plants which emulate nasty, sly, provocative apperances which may better suit the nature of my character. I will create another blog based on research for these plants, then draw in characteristics that these plants have to construct the best fastidious pot plant I can muster.


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