Thursday, 25 March 2010

Story refinement

After our recent internal crit day I received feedback about my story and what could be improved upon. Thus I have decided to take upon this advice and work from it. I may not be using dialogue in my film anymore, however id really like to push the boat out a bit and use it, even though some may say thats doing it for the sake of it. Ive decided to be understanding to the fact that this project relies moreso on the expressionism of the inanimate character, therefore making sure my characters nature is thoroughly exagerated to appeal to its purpose. I am going to make my character be somewhat more of an Orchid in apperance, as these plants if any would have a fussy personality about them, perfect for the fastidious appeal. I will keep my story however, just focus on the reason why the plant wants to move so much and how he complains in his fastidious nature to move to drive the story rather than the other elements around him crushing the main idea to express. Overall, I think I should have a fairly decent animation on my hands.



  1. ... Chris - you weren't at any of today's workshops... you particularly NEED to attend - not simply because of all the stuff you've missed (you've got to produce 2 walk-cycles for Meg and have your final animatic to show her on her next animation workshop, which is on Tuesday next week), but because you have to integrate more with the creative community of which you're part! Do you have any reason for your absence today?