Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Character design - dopey dog

In my story you may have noticed one of my characters is a dopey Dog who knocks the pot plants stand over and as a result the pot plant out of the window into the annoying weeds in the Garden. Heres a developmental few drawings if you will showing the stages of design to get my "dopey Dog" character.

  • Stage 1
Dog shape and rough outline for characters appearance: my initial idea of a dopey Dog look.

  • Stage 2

Using a reference I got an idea for what a scruffy Dog actually looks like and played with its features.

  • Stage 3
Using the rough character I had just created I drew another chracter slightly more detailed. I didnt think the character portrayed a dopey enough face, unlike the previous image so I cleaned it up to create the final face.

  • Stage 4
Here is the Dogs final face and really portrays a cartoony effect. The humour that it exposes through its crossed eyes, sticking out tounge and exagerated features places the characters dopey personality.


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