Tuesday, 18 May 2010

and so it begins! maya concepts

Here we have it! The world is starting to be built in Maya, keeping it simple as I said in my graphic tablet designs. Oh, and say hello to the fruiting body!

Notice how im applying aspects of 2D  into a more 3D world by using transparancy in planes and creating the illusion of depth by backing the planes up over the top of each other.



  1. Hey Chris - I now this is a mock-up, but it's really important you pay attention to the lighting of your models to make them 'sit' in the 2D world convincingly...

  2. Thats very true, i'll be sure to focus on that in future. I just wanted to see how the "2d in 3d" would appear. Everything I make as of now will have more finesse anyhoo =)